Everyday is a Gift



“Every day is a gift. That is why they call it the present,” a wise old turtle once said. What is the gift you will give yourself today? For me, my gift was meeting my walking goals. It was a pleasant 45-minute walk in misting rain. The air was crisp and clean. It felt good to breathe, to move. I topped it off with some push-ups and incline push-ups.

What do I mean by what is your gift for the day? I am not talking about anything materialistic. Things you buy in the store are temporary, fleeting. They give pleasure at the moment. But does it last?

A real present, something that lasts, is rooted in the thousand decisions we make every day. Your gift for the day could simply be choosing not eating a candy bar, or sugary sports drink you try to convince yourself is healthy. You can opt to read a book rather than watching late night TV. Or how about going to the dojo for extra training? The opportunities for giving yourself something priceless is infinite.

Ultimately, the fate of our dreams, goals, and lives are in our own hands. Sure there are forces outside of you that seemingly work against you. However, you always have a choice. That is your real superpower, the power of choice. So, what is the gift you are giving yourself today?


Thanks for reading.

J. R. Findsen


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